One of the most important projects of the Department is “Karabournaki: recording the past“, a project that combines the use of several applications (including digitization, data base, 3D , GIS, webpages). The project consist of the digitization and web representation of the univesity excavation that takes place in Karabournaki, under the direction of Prof. E. Manakidou and Dr. D. Tsiafaki. The assemblage of excavation data is presented through texts, photographs and drawings, through the excavation’s logs that were digitalized for this purpose and through a digital database designed for the full documentation of the archaeological findings. At the same time, 3D models of artifacts have been created, while GIS technology is used for the restoration of the excavation site and further investigation of the site’s relation to its surrounding area.

For more information, you can visit the excavation’s webpage at: https://karabournaki.athenarc.gr/