Work and services

The Department, along with the cooperation and support of the other departments of the “Athena” R.C., which is a member of the ARIADNE Research Infrastructure, focuses its activities on:

  • A complete recording, filing, documentation, study, presentation and publication of cultural heritage.
  • Basic research in the fields of Archaeology and Museology.
  • A complete study and publication of ancient pottery, with the use of traditional methods (bibliographic research, observation, study), new technologies (database design) and archaeometric  methods ( characterization, documentation, dating, origins etc).
  • Development of Cultural databases, adjusted to the needs of each sector and each collection.
  • Applications of 3D technology for the reconstruction and representation of artifacts, monuments and sites.
  • Development of Geographical Information System applications (GIS).
  • Introduction of new technologies in museums and archaeological sites (infokiosks, PDA tours).
  • Active participation in the excavation of the ancient settlement of Karabournaki in Thessaloniki.

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The Department collaborates with various sectors, including certain Ephorates of Antiquities, archaeologists and researchers of Human Sciences, museums and collections, galleries, cultural organizations, research centers, record centers and libraries, universities, educational foundations etc. The department also participates in a multitude of national and European programs that contribute to the achievement of its research goals. With the development of modern technology applications and their simultaneous evaluation, the department aims to promote the apprehension, support and use of digital technology for research and educational purposes and in addition, to increase its value by adding new knowledge to the preexisting use of such resources.

Cultural documentation

GIS applications for Culture and Tourism

Educational applications for Culture